If you are visiting OliOli®️ Dubai, please visit www.olioli.ae
إذا كنت تزور OliOli Dubai ، يرجى زيارة www.olioli.ae



Why, What, Where & When?

OliOli® is an indoor experiential children’s museum for kids aged 1 – 11 with over 40 interactive and hands-on activities for families to learn through play. All activities are learning oriented and selected based on specific developmental objectives. Some of our galleries include: (a) Walking in the rain. (b) Standing inside a hurricane booth. (c) Drawing sea creatures and watching them come to life. (d) Making and launching rockets. (e) Assessing your fitness through fun, interactive games and more!

OliOli® Doha has been made with love for the joy of discovery, just like OliOli® Dubai!

We have created brand new exhibits and galleries that are unique to OliOli® Doha, to showcase the truly endless possibilities of the joy of discovery! The space has been designed to encourage fun-filled learning experiences through positive play, and include hands-on activities to foster kids’ creativity, curiosity and imagination!

Socks: We have shoe-free, sock-only zones. If you forget to bring yours, buy a pair at reception.

A change of clothes: OliOli®️ kids sometimes get wet in the water gallery, so you might want to bring a towel and a change of clothes.

Yes, we have a lift between levels and a wheelchair-accessible bathroom on both level 1 and 2 of the museum.

Yes, there is parking available in the Katara Cultural Village basement for guests.

Baby changing stations are provided in the restrooms on levels 1, 2 & 3 of the museum.

Yes, although during busy times or when space is limited, we may ask you to keep it in our dedicated stroller space.

For those who require a quiet space to pray, we have dedicated rooms provided on level 2 of the museum.

Yes please! To manage capacity in a seamless manner, we are requiring guests to book their tickets online prior to arrival – for specific time slots. Please purchase your tickets HERE to avoid disappointment at the door.

Not here, please! We designed OliOli®️ to help families play and bond together. All children must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older).

We love animals but they’re not allowed at OliOli®️ for hygiene and safety reasons.

The museum was designed for kids between the ages of 1-11, and some of our galleries are very popular with older kids and even parents!

Older kids will absolutely enjoy OliOli®, particularly the Fitness Gallery, Creative Lab, and the Kinetic Gallery!


Unfortunately – we currently don’t sell a 1-hour ticket. Most guests tell us that 2 hours is the absolute minimum for them to be able to enjoy all the exhibits/galleries, so we don’t have a 1-hour option.

You are welcome to bring snacks or home food for your children and use our café to feed them. This keeps galleries, exhibits and installations hygienic, clean and safe.

90% of the water in the Water Gallery is recycled through an industrial strength water filter from Europe. The only water that is not recycled is the water splashed/dropped on to the floor (which is drained away). In addition, the water is drained every week.

Finally, we test the water at a municipality certified lab to ensure it’s clean and harmless for children.