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OliOli® Galleries

Kids can splash through this gallery and enter a state of ‘flow’ – losing their sense of space and times. Step into the never-ending rain, wash our Volkswagen Beetle, launch balls from the water cannon & more!

The ultimate heart-pumping experience! A space full of fun gamified exercises that showcase the importance of healthy-living and fitness in our daily lives.

Experience a magical space where art and imagination come to life, and immersive technology transports kids and adults into a different world!
Discover, tinker and learn how to explore new ideas! Engage in exciting activities and never-ending possibilities in a relaxing space, made for good wholesome fun.

An exciting space that approaches physics in a fun, engaging and thought provoking way. Launch a rocket, build a race car or make scarves fly…in a space made to defy gravity!

A one-of-a-kind, must-see, unique playground with a design inspired by Qatar’s pearling culture, built specifically for OliOli® Doha!