Water Gallery

Gallons of fun for all ages

One of our most popular areas with over 10 interactive hands-on activities, the Water Gallery is all about splashing about and experiencing how water behaves. Dance in the rain, play with a water vortex, fire a ball cannon, or wash a real car – from simple day-to-day play to scientific experimentation, there’s gallons of fun for all ages.

Building on a child’s natural fascination for water-play, we help them learn about the power and motion of the planet’s most remarkable resource. Along with rich opportunities to explore the natural world and scientific principles (vortices, buoyancy, density, pressure, gravity, and so on), every experience will also support your child’s social skills, critical thinking and gross motor skills.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Please note: The Kinetic & Wondersphere galleries are currently closed to the general public.

Sunday: 1pm – 9pm
Monday: 1pm – 9pm
Tuesday: 1pm – 9pm
Wednesday: 1pm – 9pm
Thursday: 1pm – 9pm
Friday: 10am – 9pm
Saturday: 10am – 9pm